Our Company

We are the leading third party billing partner for compounding pharmacies filling prescriptions for Workers’ Compensation patients.  With over 30 years of combined Workers’ Compensation billing experience and state-of-the-art technology, BillPro Rx is the expert so individual pharmacies don’t have to be.  We at BillPro Rx understand a compounding pharmacist’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life and health of patients by designing patient-specific drug therapies to achieve the best possible therapeutic outcomes.  Filling out cumbersome paper work and making calls to employers, payers and adjustors to verify compensability or chase down reimbursements is not the best use of a pharmacist’s time.  BillPro Rx takes over the busy work so that pharmacists can focus on patient care.  Additionally, we provide superior support through our pharmacy help desk, where assistance is only a phone call away.

Our vision is to help compounding pharmacies expand the awareness of patient-specific compounded drug therapies as a healthy alternative to addictive and internal organ damaging oral pharmaceuticals by streamlining the billing process and improving the revenue cycle.

At BillPro Rx, we address all of your third party needs for successfully billing Workers’ Compensation payers.  Patient care will increase and provider needs will be met as more prescriptions are accepted and the workflow is increased.  BillPro Rx’s management team has comprehensive experience in working with Workers’ Compensation payers, both nationally and regionally, and works very closely with state funds and departments of labor.

With our fully automated electronic adjudication billing system, we make our pharmacy partners’ lives easier through a single touch point, a fully automated electronic adjudication billing system.  Our goal is to help our pharmacy partners realize their revenue goals.